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What Our Clients Say

The instructor was incredibly friendly and informative. I thought I knew this information, but it reminded me of the critical importance of knowing it WELL. I was amazed with the way he connected and spoke with my children in regard to safety. This was a perfect way for our family to start off a safe and frolicsome summer on our new boat! Both my husband and I thank you for your time and will recommend you to anyone looking for their license.
The Richardson Family
The presentation was wonderful and even more important, it was very informative. The instructor was great. He was knowledgeable and patient with us. He made sure we really understood the materials. Private is the way to go!
The instructor was organized and made the materials easy to understand. We got to go at our own pace, which allowed for more in-depth discussions and more detailed answers to OUR questions. This private tutorial was EXCELLENT and was a great experience for our whole family. Thank you so much!
You conveyed all of the course information in such a way that not only did you hold both of our attention throughout the entire time but delivered it in a way that we understood and retained the important information. To do this for a 13 year old and a 47 year old at the same time is quite impressive. I will refer you to all of my friends and family. Great job, and Thank You.

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